The Heart-led Celebrant’s Practice: From Mundane to Magic

Let’s face it: there are many aspects of human life which can be quite mundane. Even when we live a fairly charmed or creative or adventurous life, there are days or times which are ‘ordinary’. However, when we live a life steeped in meaning, symbolism and ritual, it’s fair to say we ‘play in the magic’ most of the time. Or is that just me? 😊


On a professional level, as a Heart-led Celebrant, we are coming into people’s lives as they cross a threshold; a rite of passage, if you like, from one part of life to the next. We are there as Guardians of the Threshold.


We hold space.

We weave words and are makers of magic.


That is, we energetically move people away from the mundane and into the liminal space of our ceremony and then guide them back out into the ordinary world again.


For this brief moment in time, we have the capacity to illuminate people’s lives with our word medicine, our purposeful presence and active authenticity, as we offer a ceremony rooted in ritual.


Ours is an alchemical art.
A gift.
A promise.
A Way.

Sounds like magic to me!

Veronika Robinson and Paul Robinson are a husband and wife team whose boutique celebrant training Heart-led Celebrants attracts people from around the world. Heart-led Celebrants has earned a reputation for excellence in celebrant training, and those who are certified exemplify the highest standards in the industry.

Veronika has been officiating beautiful, bespoke ceremonies since 1995. She is a certified Infant Loss Professional; founder of Penrith’s first Death Café; is a celebrant for the charity Gift of a Wedding; and mentors celebrants around the world.

Veronika is the author of many books including the popular Celebrant Collection: Write That Eulogy; The Successful Celebrant; Funeral Celebrant Ceremony Planner; Wedding Celebrant Ceremony Planner; The Blessingway. Three more titles will be added in January 2024: The Gentle Celebrant’s Guide: Funerals For Children; The Discrimination-free Celebrant; The Celebrant’s Guide to the Five Elements.

Award-winning voice artist, Paul Robinson, has had a whole career centred around his voice and other people’s. He’s highly experienced as a celebrant, trained actor, drama coach, voice-over artist, singer, broadcaster, compère, and ventriloquist. Paul is an excellent communicator and teacher, and has a sixth sense about how to relate to individuals, groups and audiences.