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What Type Of Celebrant Trainer Am I?

When you’re researching different training organisations and courses, you’ll quickly see the focus is on what you’ll learn during your time, and rightly so. Have you also considered the flipside? That is, what type of trainer/s are involved? Do those people’s skills, qualities, experience and world view match the intention for the training? These are […]

Do you have to train to be a celebrant?

Do you have to train to be a celebrant? This is probably one of the first questions someone asks when they’re playing with the idea of a career in celebrancy. The short answer is: in the UK, no. Celebrancy, like the wedding and funeral industries, is (at the time of writing: May 2023) an unregulated […]

Thoughts from a Celebrant Trainer

There are so many aspects to the role of a Heart-led Celebrant. Our celebrant-training students quickly realise, within a couple of hours of beginning their training with us, that this job goes way beyond standing up to speak for 20-30 minutes. Those ceremonies don’t just miraculously turn up on the lectern! A single funeral ceremony, […]

Our Celebrant-Training Promise

We welcome applications from people who are dedicated, devoted, disciplined, creative, willing to work hard yet with fun, flair and imagination, and are open to learning and best-practice celebrancy.  We don’t apologise for our approach. Why? Because people (for any rite of passage) only get one opportunity for their ceremony. It has to be right. […]

What To Expect On Our Celebrant Training Courses

Deciding which organisation or company to undertake your celebrant training with can be a daunting process. Many of our students said that they spent about two years looking around at all the options and it wasn’t until they found ours, Heart-led Celebrants, that they instinctively knew they’d found gold dust.   What I would say […]

The Celebrant’s Final Hurdle

Written by Paul Robinson, voice and presentation coach www.paulrobinsonvoicecoaching.co.uk   What would you say is the most import tool for a celebrant – their looks, their voice, or their communication skills? Try putting those things in order. I’d say it’s their communication first, voice second – and what was the other one? Oh yes!     […]

Boutique Celebrant Training

hi there, We’re Veronika and Paul Robinson, a husband and wife team who offer boutique celebrant training here in Cumbria.   Why boutique? Wikipedia explains: The word is French for “shop”, which derives ultimately from the Ancient Greek ἀποθήκη “storehouse”. And it is this ancient meaning which describes the potential gifts, skills and ‘ingredients’ we offer […]

Celebrant Training UK: our ethos

Here at Heart-led Celebrants, we chose our logo based on the simple fact that our work is heart led: therefore we offer a bouquet of hearts.   Fundamental to our practice as Heart-led Celebrants (and as tutors at Heart-led Ceremonies Celebrant Training) are three core values: Integrity, Acceptance and Creativity.   At every step of […]

Celebrant Training Tutors

Meet your celebrant-training tutors at Heart-led Celebrants: Veronika Robinson     Veronika Robinson is a highly experienced working celebrant with 27 years of experience (more than any other celebrant tutor in the UK) who has had the privilege of officiating in New Zealand, Australia and England where she has written and led all manner of […]