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Celebrant Training UK: Attracting Your Dream Clients

Autumn is naturally a time for slowing down. And as I do so, I reflect on the wonderful wedding season I’ve enjoyed as a celebrant. I also think about the paths I’ve crossed, and those who’ve happened upon my path, in the other ceremonies I officiate.   I truly give thanks for the coming together […]

To Live in the Heart of Magic

Sometimes, when a new student comes to us for training, they ask ‘what exactly is a ritual?’ My first answer is to share something that they’ll relate to: a ritual can be a coffin carried down the aisle or closing the curtains after the committal at the crematorium or interring the body or ashes into […]

Persephone, Pluto and Power

This blog is written by Eliza Robinson, an author and astrologer based in Glasgow with an international clientele. Her workshop is a wonderful opportunity for celebrants, as creators and writers, to transform any blocks of shame into powerful creativity. (This is suitable whether you’re considering training, in training, or trained) We often don’t know what […]

Celebrant Training: Five Reasons to Train as a Heart-led Celebrant

With the avalanche of new celebrant-training organisations starting up, it is quite a process for anyone trying to differentiate between brilliant, good, okay, mediocre and downright terrible training courses on offer. Where do you even start?     There are different reasons why you might be drawn to a particular training. It could be to […]

Celebrant Training: Aptitude v. Attendance

When searching for a celebrant-training course, it is vital that you’re aware of a distinct difference between outcomes. Some organisations give anyone who attends their course a certificate which declares them to be a ‘professional celebrant’.     There are deep concerns that I have with this approach. It means that people enter into what […]

Celebrant Training: what a I look for in a celebrant

As co-founder and co-tutor at Heart-led Ceremonies Celebrant Training, there are many things I look for in a celebrant who is training with us. These are the same skills and qualities that I’d expect them to exhibit and employ when they are working as a celebrant. These include things such as:. are they punctual?. do […]

Celebrant Training: Voice and Presentation Coaching

Here at Heart-led Ceremonies Celebrant Training, we place great value and care on the use of voice and presentation skills and qualities in celebrancy work. As a result, our modules include one-to-one coaching with industry expert, Paul Robinson. There are at least five hours of vocal coaching, and more sessions are available to each person […]

Skills and Qualities of a Celebrant

There’s something that will always stay with me: the moment I picked up a book on How to Become a Celebrant and it said to be a celebrant you need: a computer, internet, printer, paper, folder, car, Sat Nav. It described the job as one that’s recession proof with good cash flow. If I hadn’t […]