Celebrant Training UK

When only the BEST training will do.

We exemplify best-practice in celebrancy

Welcome to Heart-led Ceremonies Celebrant Training.

We’re so glad you found us!

We know it’s a busy, busy world out there

and that you’re probably wondering

if we’re any different to other training schools. WE ARE!

The reason is simple: our tutors each have decades of real-life experience

and generously share their knowledge, experience and expertise;

and what’s more, we offer our training on a one-to-one basis for optimal learning.

We also offer seven-day a week & lifetime support.

Our certification is based on aptitude not attendance,

and our certified celebrants have been trained to rigorous standards

in order to exemplify best-practice celebrancy.

We make no apologies for these high standards.

We work hard to ensure future ceremonial clients have

the best experience possible, and this begins with your training.

A Heart-led Celebrant creates, writes and officiates beautiful ceremonies

with integrity, acceptance and creativity. These are our core values.

We offer one-to-one, face-to-face celebrant training courses here in Cumbria while also offering the option for those who wish to train by Zoom.

Our students come from all over the world and all walks of life.

Heart-led Celebrants is a dynamic movement

of certified autonomous independent celebrants.