Investing in High Quality Celebrant Training

When there are so many celebrant-training courses and organisations available, it would be easy to assume they’re all the same and that in the end it probably doesn’t matter which one you choose so long as you come away with a certificate. Right? NO.

Our approach is different.

We value quality. It takes discipline, dedication, focus, work, creativity, care and more to excel as a celebrant. Our training ensures that you have a realistic picture about celebrant life from working with clients, creating scripts, public speaking, being self employed, promoting your services and celebrant business.



So, what makes our celebrant training stand out above all others? We’re the real deal. Why? Our training is based on offering you high-quality courses, one-to-one mentoring with tutors who have decades of experience (not just a handful of years; or worse, none), shadowing opportunities, and genuine one-to-one lifetime support from your tutors. A number of the most high-profile celebrant-training companies are run by people whose background is in marketing or business rather than extensive experience as a celebrant. Surprisingly, there are even some which are run by people who have NO celebrant experience. This is alarming for many reasons.


We have spent decades honing our craft, developing our skills, amplifying our qualities, engaging in personal growth and professional development, so that we can generously share our experiences with you to ensure you step into life as a professional celebrant with confidence and competence. Working with the bereaved and officiating one-off ceremonies for other rites of passage requires many skills and qualities. This job isn’t suitable for just anyone.



The mainstream approach of passing out celebrant certificates to people simply for attending a course is causing immense problems in this field. So many families have suffered at the hands of inadequately trained celebrants and have been left with memories of poorly created, written and performed ceremonies.

At Heart-led Celebrants, we want to ensure that your future clients get the best possible experience. So, when you choose us for training you can be sure that we will work with you to be the best celebrant you can be. If you already care about your potential clients, then your care must begin with the investment you make in training.