Celebrant Abundance Mindset Masterclass

Amongst the masterclasses we offer at Heart-led Celebrants is:

Everything She Touches Turns To Gold:

Abundance Mindset

The truth is that any celebrant (new or experienced) has to face the reality of life as a self-employed person. To thrive in a career where income can be unpredictable, it is vital to maintain a strong and healthy mindset. Our signature masterclass on mastering abundance will help you to:

  • elevate your income level (but without the stress of mainstream marketing and slogging at sales)
  • create opportunities all around you just by being you
  • boost your confidence
  • release resistance
  • set yourself on the path to financial freedom
  • attract more ideal-for-you clients that you can serve
  • maintain quality over quantity without sacrificing abundance
  • know that the world economy does not have to impact your personal and professional abundance levels

Option One: Based on two x one-hour Zoom sessions to develop an abundance mindset for celebrancy.

  • Break through your fears about competition from other celebrants
  • Release resistance
  • Manifest a thriving celebrant practice
  • Be your best, authentic self serving others with grace and gratitude

Walk alongside an experienced and self-made woman

  • My mentorship will allow you to dwell in the realm of ‘magic’ and live from a state of empowered, confident and intentional energy
  • I will show how you can let your innate power support you
  • Be comfortable with creating the income stream you desire without losing your authenticity or taking on too many bookings
  • Your celebrant life is informed by your energetics
  • Energy is everything

You are worthy because you EXIST.

Become the celebrant who attracts clients without hustle.

It all starts and ends with your mindset.

Are you ready to upgrade your life?

Investment £115

Option Two: One hour a month, consistently for twelve months, to maintain your mindset and keep you on track. Watch your life change before your eyes. This includes regular Whatsapp messages to motivate you between sessions.

Investment £600


Everything She Touches Turns To Gold: Abundance Mindset Private Masterclass for Celebrants.  Veronika Robinson has maintained a thriving celebrant practice for almost thirty years. Veronika is the author of several books for celebrants including the best selling The Successful Celebrant. She is a second-generation metaphysician, and brings her love and experience of metaphysics to these masterclasses alongside her decades of experience as an international working celebrant.