The Gentle Celebrant’s Guide to Funerals For Children

Wow. What a beautiful book.” ~ Lianne Downey, The Social Celebrant


Funerals For Children is a heart-felt offering to those celebrants and ministers working with grieving families. This book is an exploration of spaces: the spaces we, as celebrants, hold for others; the myriad spaces that a person inhabits when they experience the death of a child; the spaces children live and love in; and the spaces we, as celebrants, hold for ourselves.

Funerals For Children is publishing late January 2024 by the Celebrant Collection, an imprint of Starflower Press.

It will be included as part of the training materials for new Heart-led Celebrants, and available to other celebrants worldwide.

Veronika Sophia Robinson is an intuitive, empathic Heart-led Celebrant in the north of England. With her husband, Paul, she is co-founder and co-tutor at Heart-led Ceremonies Celebrant Training. She’s been officiating ceremonies since 1995. Veronika mentors celebrants from around the world, and facilitates workshops and retreats for celebrants.

Veronika is child-bereavement celebrant; an accredited Infant Loss Professional; and certified in Self-Harm and Suicide Awareness Prevention.

Veronika is also the author of many books for celebrants:

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“Your contribution to the world is continually shining the warm, illuminating light of kindness and compassion into the cold and lonely darkness we all too often find ourselves inhabiting.  Thank you.”

Kimberlee Cassady, Celebrant, USA


Cover art by Sarah Esau