The Invisible Work of a Heart-led Celebrant

There are many reasons why someone might choose to train as a Heart-led Celebrant: for example, quality and depth of teaching, location, rigorous and robust certification standards, cost, one-to-one training. Regardless of these, it is hoped that after training they actively engage in CPD (whether with us or elsewhere). The most important part, I believe, of a heart-led life is the invisible work. That is, it isn’t the stuff we post on social media about this ceremony or that, or venue locations or how we’re spending an early morning writing a script or if we’ve been nominated for an award.


Veronika ringing the Tibetan Prayer Bell during a Summer Solstice Handfasting Ceremony at the Callanish Stones. Photo by Sandie Photos. Couple: Pam and Doug.

The work I’m advocating is internal harmony and standing in grace. How do we do these? What the heck do they even mean? It is different for each person but primarily it is about bringing in-depth awareness to who you are, to how you are, and what you bring to and take from this world. I call it invisible work and yet although it is more often than not taking place ‘behind the scenes’ and is solitary personal growth, the blossoming of these inner changes naturally shows up when we’re out in the world.


I was chatting with some friends the other day when the topic came up about how you deal with someone taking the car park you were about to have. I listened carefully and it occurred to me that this not something I experience. If I’m planning to visit somewhere I ‘send off my cark park angel’ to allocate me a space before I arrive. This never fails. To challenge myself, I thought of other situations which might ‘trigger’ me. (I can tell you that I do have my buttons pressed if a driver is coming towards me on my side of the road!) For example, at a red light instead of cursing that I’ve been held up, I use the minute or three to enjoy the ‘enforced’ stillness, and either empty my mind of thoughts or plant a delightful affirmation. And so that is essentially how I go through my days now: being the keeper of my thoughts and feelings. One thing I always teach in my training is that the ONLY thing we have control over in our celebrancy is how we choose to react. This applies to all of life.



I’m human, and there are moments when I am triggered, upset or tired. What I have found, though, is that life is more joyful and peaceful to experience when I lean into grace and gratitude.

This path of awakening isn’t something that you do over a weekend and then it’s done. It is a lifetime’s work. Like an ever-increasing spiral, we weave our way through this life leaving behind the golden threads of love, compassion, empathy, kindness, patience, lightness, and above all, gratitude. If that is your way of living, can you just imagine the healing you bring to ceremonies simply by your presence?

Veronika Robinson is a celebrant trainer in Cumbria, UK. Along with her husband Paul, voice and presentation coach, she co-founded Heart-led Celebrants. They have taught students, from around the world, the path of Heart-led Celebrancy.