Our Celebrant-Training Promise

We welcome applications from people who are dedicated, devoted, disciplined, creative, willing to work hard yet with fun, flair and imagination, and are open to learning and best-practice celebrancy.  We don’t apologise for our approach. Why? Because people (for any rite of passage) only get one opportunity for their ceremony. It has to be right.


What we promise:
We will be kind.
We will not discriminate.
We will open up a new world (and vocation) to you.
We will be generous with our expertise, guidance and support.
We will offer guidance in all aspects of celebrant life.
We are here ongoingly for support, mentoring and advice.

Veronika Robinson has been officiating ceremonies, across all rites of passage, for 27 years. Alongside her husband Paul, the voice and presentation coach, she’s co-founder and co-tutor at Heart-led Celebrants, a boutique celebrant-training school based in Cumbria, England. Their students come from around the world for training.