Why I Train People to Be Celebrants

It was never a long held dream to be a celebrant trainer, yet here I am. This work found me, not the other way around. But life does leave clues along the way.


I’ve always enjoyed sharing knowledge, facilitating workshops, helping people learn, being a guide, and have had several roles involving teaching. With hindsight, it is only natural that I arrived at this point given my passion for celebrancy, and the length of time I’ve been officiating ceremonies. There comes a point when you want to share that passion and privilege with others. It is also a recognition of one’s own mortality, and the desire to pass on your experiences before you pass on!


I bring to my role as a celebrant trainer the same as I do to celebrancy: care, vision, creativity, inspiration, co-creation, humour, and a whole lot of experience. It is an absolute JOY to open the door to a whole new career or vocation to someone else. I’m invested in long-term relationships, and this shows in the approach I take to celebrant training. You can be sure that I’ll be there as a guide, mentor, trainer, friend and solid support. 


Veronika x