Reasons to train as a Heart-led Celebrant

There are many reasons why Heart-led Ceremonies Celebrant Training might be the right course for you. Here are a few:

. You will be assured of ongoing mentoring and support

. Comprehensive training package

. One-to-one tutoring

. Specialised vocal coaching

. Monthly group CPD sessions

. Training is via Zoom (since March 2020), so you can be tutored from the comfort of your own home

. Shadowing opportunities

. Detailed script assessment 

. Tutors who care about your training and celebrant journey

. FREE listing on our directory

Certificates are given based on aptitude not attendance.

To read about our curriculum, visit


Here are what some of our past celebrants-in-training have to say:

Hi Veronika, Thank you for making the training time together very enjoyable. I enjoyed it immensely and have taken so much more from it than I could ever have imagined!

Thanks for your ongoing help and support. This is not just a training that once delivered you are on your own. The power of the ongoing sense of community, of being upheld by you and by Paul, and the sheer inner strength I get from these resources is beyond explanation! So thank you so much.
Kay, U.K

Kay Manby

Powerful presence, inspiring teacher
Every engagement with Veronika in-person or on-line, whether one to one celebrant training, mentoring, professional consultation, workshops, or ceremony, is inspiring, meaningful, filled with wonder, and enriching. Veronika has such a beautiful presence that is at once peacefully powerful and humbly respectful, creating room for everyone to share and shine. She seems to effortlessly make whomever she is speaking to feel comfortable exactly as they are, in all the emotional states that come with things like weddings, funerals and new life directions, and she freely shares her skills and talents as a writer, orator, celebrant, teacher and creative with all. She is the person I would choose as a celebrant for any important moment in my life.

So Impressed I Trained With Her
Veronika led my daughter’s baby naming ceremony in my garden in Yorkshire in 2004. Prior to the event, she advised and guided myself and my husband as to what we might include in the ceremony, giving us some really lovely and meaningful ideas that we would never have thought of and were grateful to learn. Everything was clear and concise and heart-felt and this is what struck the traditionalists who were present, that it all felt genuine and deep and from the heart. The whole event went so smoothly, Veronika as a consummate professional ensured everyone was at ease right from the start and our daughter’s special day was beautiful, memorable and complete. Veronika’s professionalism impacted me so much that I went on to train as a celebrant with her in 2016. Just as I expected, the course was thorough, complete, enriching and heart-felt. I came away feeling equipped, prepared and confident to start a new venture as a celebrant. Can’t thank her enough.
Elizabeth, Crete

Fantastic Teacher
Veronika is a fantastic teacher and celebrant. She teaches from the heart not just the page. She has years of experience and the guidance she provides is without exception, relevant, clear, concise and delivered with love .

Just received my Certificate in Celebrancy and I am over the moon. Thank you for being such a good teacher. I really enjoyed the course and I hope I do you proud. All the very best and I’m sure I will be in touch for your continued advice and support.
Many, many thanks

Thank you so much for your time, expertise and lovely hospitality. I learnt so much, and your belief in my abilities has given me the confidence I needed.
Lesley, Cornwall

Thank you soooooo much for all the lovely feedback and learning points. I have thoroughly enjoyed your course and am deeply inspired by it; creating ceremonies has really tapped into something deep that has pleasantly surprised me.

I think a key learning point is that ceremonies are a work of art and hence should be treated so. They need space to percolate.
Rob, Yorkshire

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you (belatedly) for your welcoming nature, delicious food and expertise in my training.
In love and light,
Sandie, U.K

Thank you for the very special training days. I really enjoyed our time together.
Sue G. Yorkshire

Just wanted to send a message to say thank you so much for the amazing training and a lovely weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend you to anyone.
Delilah, London

Dear Veronika,
There are not enough words to thank you for the truly life-changing two days spent with you in your lovely home in the beautiful Cumbrian countryside. You are an inspiration, a mentor and an advocate. You helped me to value myself and the gifts I can bring to this new chosen career. You challenged me, but in a gentle and empathetic way that made me feel that it was going to be ok to try to get my words onto the page and then “off the page”. By the time I started writing with you (and it was very early on the first day), I felt that no matter what the result was to be, I had a soft place to land, and that you would support my efforts, no matter what the end product. And, as a result, I could take risks with my emotions and my words-not easy for anyone, especially an introvert like me.

I learned more about being a celebrant from you in two days than I did in the entire nine months of my previous program. I now feel that I can, with grace, humility and hard work, develop and deliver celebrations that will honour and support events in anyone’s life journey. Thank you, thank you, Veronika for giving me the gift of “you”. You are a true, beautiful and rare gem. I shall never forget our time together.
Thank you.
Brenda Martin, Canada

Private Celebrant Training & Penrith Death Café
April 2019
I just wanted to thank you for sharing so much with me over the past three days. Your cosy cottage. Your beautiful smile. Your amazing knowledge. Your delicious cooking. Your energy.
I hope I will take a little bit of Veronika magic with me wherever I go.
Rachel, Scotland

Rachel Cheer
Celebrant Training Course (private training)
Just wanted to thank you so much for making my funeral celebrant course such an enjoyable one. You were very kind and welcoming and have such a relaxed but professional approach. And we had some giggles!
I was pretty nervous about coming up but I loved every minute; and if I can be half as good a celebrant as you, I will be very happy!
Lots of love,
Sophie, Yorkshire

Sophie Urquart

Group Celebrant Training
You have that special kind of something that money just can’t buy. What you do so well is package up little bundles of skill and know-how so that we can craft our own ‘special something’ ~ heart-shaped, of course.
Sometimes it happens that people, along with their teachings and learnings, come along just when they need to.
Perfect timing from the Universe, in leading me to you.
I don’t know where the experience of last weekend will take me… but wherever it is, I will go with love.
Thank you for your teachings and sagesse (French for wisdom).
Jane S.

I just wanted to say an immediate thank you for your wonderful weekend Celebrant Training.

Now I am home, the magnitude of all you shared and explained is starting to sink in.

I am more than sure that yours was the right training programme for me. Thank you.

Amelie and I are both quite blown away by the whole idea of becoming a celebrant ….you have definitely started something within us both.
With much love

Wendy Williams

Private Training
Those two days were an absolute treat for me!
Holly P.

Thank you so much for the wonderful and mind-opening days I spent with you this week. I loved every minute of learning about celebrancy even though the tears it brought out may have suggested otherwise. I’ll get those ceremonies typed up asap but just wanted to say a heart-felt thank you first.

You obviously have a gift for listening. My mind is permanently racing so I don’t listen as well as I could, and now I’m trying to slow it all down after meeting you.

Just wanted to say a heart-felt thank you.
Amanda C.


Amanda Calnan
Group Celebrant Training
I would have to say heart and soul-led ceremonies. Both Veronika and Paul are abundantly giving of their knowledge, experience, and deliciously nurturing food!!

In a short intensive time, they passed on the celebrant gauntlet, inspiring and equipping us to be ideally the only sort of celebrants… ones that reach out from the heart with love, compassion and empathy.
Veronika and Paul you have beautiful qualities, way too many to list.
I deeply thank you both for one of the most precious times, that enhanced my life in so many ways, most of all giving me confidence to move on and put your teachings in to action.”
Penny B.
April 2018

Group Celebrant Training
The recipe for a tasty independent celebrant training course is a measure of Fragrant Facilitation (try Veronika & Paul), Seasoned Students & Chunk of Time. Mixed together makes an inspired graduate celebrant.
Joyce S
April 2018

Celebrant Training
As a recent graduate, I can heartily recommend this training course. Thorough, supportive, incredibly informative, and most importantly, “heart-led” – Veronika and Paul are amazing teachers!

Celebrant Training
I loved every second of my training with Veronika and Paul. The guidance in all aspects, including the voice coaching, was spot on and both so welcoming.

I laughed and I cried in equal measure. I want to do it all again.
They have also provided a wonderful sounding board for work I am doing which is very appreciated. I would recommend no one else x

Celebrant Training Course
The most amazing experience! Veronika is welcoming, calming, thoughtful, energetic, tireless and teaches in such a way that leaves you wanting more! Her heart-led methodology aligns perfectly with what I want to deliver as a Celebrant, and I can’t leave without mentioning her cooking…WOW! Her pear crumble is to die for please adopt me!
Kathryn Britton
April 2018



Kathyrn Britton

Celebrant Training Course
This weekend, what I saw you model so beautifully, was how to step into responsibility with gravitas and humility and lightness.
The way you wear responsibility is like an invisibility cloak, with reverence and respect for the magic. It seems you wear this mantle with such grace, and heart, and with such outward-facing love that Responsibility it is not carried as a burden of the ego, but gently shepherded as a sacred honour bestowed by spirit.
Framed like this, I feel profoundly different about Responsibility. Humbled, not afraid. Ready to serve.
Heartfelt appreciation for the kindness in your listening.
Whitley Bay
April 2018
Jennifer Flint

Private Celebrant Training
As I sit on this sunny morning, thinking about the Moving Ceremony I am working on, my thoughts wander to my training with Veronika and Paul and the delicious, heart-full time I spent steeping in, well… Feelings.

This training was, more than I could have imagined, a really personal journey, into the place where my heart meets the world. To be a Heart-Led Celebrant of course requires tapping into the territory of this deep well of emotion, which Veronika so skillfully walked me through. Considering so many aspects of potential clients- their stories, their emotional states, expectations to work with, I felt at moments overwhelmed, though soothed by the support of my two teachers on this journey.

There were the very useful practicalities of being a celebrant that give me confidence in being able to begin this work, AND, what was so unique about this training was the space they held for real depth, beauty, sadness, to be welcomed. In order to really, truly serve those who choose me as a celebrant, I need this ability to really Listen, and to glean what is important to my clients. To do this I need to know myself even better.

I was given the opportunity to really feel the importance of this work, the possibilities of holding space for others to truly shine, to deeply feel their own connection with life and love, with death and grieving.

The work of a celebrant is sacred, and Veronika and Paul, each in their own way, shared the skills that keep this work sacred.
I am so grateful for such a rich, alive experience of this work through my training. Now I hope that I am able to share what I’ve learned in a way that really serves my community.”
Kirsten, Spain


Kirsten Rose

Private Celebrant Training
January 2018
Dear Veronika
Just a note to thank you so much for the wonderful experience recently with celebrant training.
It was so good to meet you and Paul, and I felt very excited and overwhelmed by the ideas and thoughts that you had inspired in me.
Although it was quite intense and emotional, I also found it cathartic and fascinating.
Look forward to keeping in touch and thank you again for a very memorable weekend.

Private Celebrant Training
January 2018
Hi Veronika
This is just a quick email to thank you and Paul again for your kindness and help – the training was brilliant, but made more special because you shared so much with me in such an unselfish way – your knowledge, experience, home and hospitality. And you both built my confidence in a genuine and caring manner.
The training was everything I hoped for and more – and I’m really looking forward to getting started
You are two very special people, and I’m so grateful I found you.
Take care


Glynis Haveron

I had been looking at becoming a celebrant for over a year. I’d done a lot of research before looking for someone to train me. Well, looking at training there are quite a few, but on looking I became disheartened as what I thought being a celebrant was all about was not being reflected on the training providers I was looking at. Some of the feedback from other people on some social-media platforms just went to show it is all about making money, rather that delivering a service to people at the most important and emotional times of their lives.

I was then made aware of Veronika and Paul Robinson, and their Heart-led Ceremonies Celebrant Training. On reading Veronika’s beautifully written website, you feel the right emotions straight away, and that’s what made my mind up to book the one-to-one training.

From the moment I met Veronika and Paul, I knew I had made the right decision.

The training is challenging, and intense. But, at the core, it is all about delivering a quality service to clients. It’s all about showing love, kindness, and compassion, and feeling the client’s emotions, because by doing so, you can create heart-led, unique ceremonies which do make a difference.

Veronika and Paul take you on an emotional journey, and it is all about love, quality, love, quality, & love. I feel I am ready to start my journey as a celebrant now, and I will deliver with love and kindness. I know that with Veronika’s & Paul’s continued guidance, I will grow and become a celebrant whose service is delivered from the heart.
If I could become a fraction of the celebrant of where Veronika is at, then I will be a great celebrant. Veronika & Paul, thank you.
Stuart Condon

Dearest Veronika and Paul
Thank you so much for my inspirational weekend. I gained so much from the course, not just in terms of knowledge and skills, but in terms of getting to know myself better and the reasons why I want to be a celebrant. Your hospitality on top of the course content was second to none. I cannot recommend this course strongly enough to any other potential celebrants. Thank you for your love and support throughout the weekend.
Helen Parsons
September 2017

I felt honoured to be a part of the first heart led celebrant training last weekend. It was heart led in the truest sense of the words. I left feeling not only well equipped to step into the world as an independent celebrant, but also affirmed in my personal strengths and abilities. Veronika and Paul shared themselves and their extensive knowledge so generously with us all and sustained us with fantastic food, and all in a beautiful environment. Thank you both so much, it may sound odd to be said of a training course but this is something I will cherish for a long time.
September 2017

When you anticipate excellence but what you get is even better?
I had toyed with the idea of being a celebrant since Veronika led my daughter’s tender and unforgettable naming ceremony. I knew without even looking that any courses I found would not compare to what Veronika had delivered, so that idea took its place in the “That would have been nice but…” file. When Veronika announced the certified celebrant training course with Heart-led, just at a point in my life when I was thinking “hmmmm, I wonder if I could shadow Veronika during her ceremony work” I jumped at the chance and am so very glad I did. Such a complete and wholesome training given by Veronika and her husband Paul, with the perfect balance of philosophy, creativity, spiritualism, structure and humour, every angle covered including voice training, and amongst a group of the most wonderful, inspiring women I’ve met in a long time.
I left feeling healed (bonus!), re-booted, fulfilled and with everything I needed to shine in this field, with Veronika’s light guiding my way. Heart-felt thanks and deep gratitude for sharing so much of yourselves with us. Your light shines on in the world
September 2017

Wedding and Celebrant Training Course
Veronika officiated my wedding to Nicola just over a month ago. The ceremony was unequivocally the most beautiful hour of my life. The ceremony, the process preceding the ceremony, and Veronika herself were so inspirational that I have just completed her first Heart-led Ceremonies Celebrant Training course. What a weekend! I loved absolutely everything about it. It was truly heart-led.
Veronika’s capacity to share, to draw out, to guide is based on love. A love of her craft, a love of her students, and a love for the people we may serve in the future. I have come away feeling enlivened and equipped to begin my celebrant journey, whatever shape that might take. I am ready to face my own demons. I feel fully supported both in a practical and emotional sense and feel I have been touched by a little bit of Antipodean/Geordie/Cumbrian magic. Thank you xx
September 2017


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