Diploma in Celebrancy

Our Diploma in Advanced Celebrancy and Ritual is one of a kind, and your successful certification defines you as elite in your field.

The training is rigorous and will ensure that you are confident, creative and competent.


A peep on any mainstream celebrant forum will show you that newly trained celebrants are woefully unprepared for the huge responsibility inherent in the role.

Our training is designed by Veronika Robinson, a celebrant with 28 years real-life celebrancy experience, and Paul Robinson, industry expert in voice and presentation, and guarantees that you’ll be ready to hit the ground running. That’s our promise! And what’s more, we’re here every step of the way. Our support is lifelong, and available seven days a week.


After your initial five-days of training (either face to face or via Zoom), you’ll then have 12 weeks to complete all written and practical modules. Upon certification, there are follow-up masterclasses, and monthly group CPD sessions with other Heart-led Celebrants, too.


If you’d like the privilege of training with Veronika and Paul, get in touch and book your training dates.