Creating Beautiful Ceremonies

As a Heart-led Celebrant, we may initially say our role is to “create, write and officiate ceremonies”. This description shows three of our roles: creator or creatrix, writer of ceremonial scripts and ritual narrative, and public speaker. Our job, however, is so much more than those. We are people who listen deeply, not only to our clients and colleagues in the industry, but also to ourselves. The still voice within guides us every step of the way.
The art and craft of our practice emanates from a place within us. The level of self awareness, self care and personal development we imbue into our humanly journey becomes a rich and fertile land of discovery, creativity and mastery that raises the frequency of humanity.

Our daily lives reflect our values. Beauty and integrity are integral to the path we walk in life. This beauty is infused in our celebrancy work through our word medicine, carefully crafted and choreographed rituals, and the authentic energy which we bring to our public speaking. In essence, we act as a creative incubator not only for ourselves but for others.


A Heart-led Celebrant isn’t someone who ‘stands up and reads’ at a ceremony. They are skilled at creating a ceremony from the spark of an idea. They take this and the glow lights up the page where words are lovingly welcomed forward onto the earthly plane. When we stand up to officiate a ceremony, we do so with our ego left at the door. The ceremony is NOT about us. We are conduits.

These conscious processes are fuelled by love, attention to detail, care, inspiration, craft, and a desire to make the world a better place. We do this one ceremony at a time.