Martin Savickas



Our lives are much like the face of a clock, points in time, marked by joyous, super joyous, and some very sad moments. All these events need to be marked with reverence, respect, and love.

Being a Heart Led Celebrant has re ignited my passion for words and writing. Words I can share with you to craft a ceremony to create a true reflection of you, or someone you loved and cared for. Ceremonies that are individually written to paint an authentic picture for anyone. A naming can be so much more than a quickly forgotten Christening. A wedding can be as unique and multi coloured as you both are. A funeral can be a snapshot of someone’s life that will remain with the mourners long after the ceremony. Something that is so much more than a life C V.

My passion for nature, and my love of dogs has been with me throughout my life. Being a huge fan of music from the 50’s up to the 80’s has left me with a song on my lips, or in my head, it seems like forever. So, for those of you planning a wedding, a funeral, a naming, a vow renewal or any occasion, maybe we can incorporate this into your ceremony.

Bristol is home for me, so travel anywhere in the South West would be a pleasure if you feel we resonate with each other.

To conclude : “time is like the clock of the heart”. Let our hearts unite to create that perfect ceremony to mark that point in time for you.


Phone: 07800 811431 // 0117 9503825