Karen Savickas



Words are the most powerful tool ever invented. They harness the ability to elicit every human emotion. My mission is to use words to create ceremonies that will empower, heal, celebrate and conjure up beautiful memories long after the words have been spoken.

Language has always been my passion, from a small child crying when I couldn’t read the words, to choosing it as the major for my teaching degree.
“One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested.” ( E. M. Forster)

I will bring that passion to each and every ceremony I officiate. From a naming, where a whole world of words await, to a funeral, where the words have ceased, but there is still a story to be told.

Every moment in between that deserves a narrative, you can count on me to craft a meaningful script, delivering it to the best of my ability. We can explore rituals to add magic and richness to your ceremony, from a simple candle lighting to an elaborate hand tying.

Not limited by content, time or place, your ceremony can happen anywhere, at any time, exemplifying your authenticity and uniqueness.
I will help you showcase the true diversity of life, where you deserve a ceremony totally in tune with you, your beliefs or those of a lost loved one.
In tandem with my husband, Martin, also a heart-led celebrant, we can chaperone your dog and even offer them a sleepover!

I am based in Bristol and will travel to nearby counties if you feel I am a good fit for you.


Phone: 0117 9503825 // 07762915192

Email: chocolate-nirvana@blueyonder.co.uk