Kirsten Rose


Kirsten Rose

As a Heart-Led Celebrant, I currently live in Vermont, U.S.A. with my husband and son. Travel, motherhood, writing, performing as a singer/songwriter, and 23 years as a massage therapist and energy healer have all honed my skills for listening, finding meaning, weaving, co-creating, and alchemising the mundane into the magical in order to create a special ceremony for you.

Every ceremony is created to be both beautiful, and imbued with the kind of rituals and experiences that allow you to remember and draw on them for sustenance, inspiration, and nourishment long after they are over.

We will share your story, unfold the meaning of the moment for you, and articulate what you wish to release, invite or integrate into your special day. There is no standard form, only what you love. It is my joy as a celebrant to make sure your essence shines through, and what you truly love has room to blossom, in joy or sorrow.

Each ceremony is a magical doorway, and as you walk through we honor who you have been and who you are becoming. I am honored to support you in all types of life transitions including Marriage, Funeral, Moving, Divorce, Child Leaving Home, Living Memorials, Mother & Baby Blessings, Menarche & Menopause ceremonies.

Please contact me to schedule a free consultation for your in person or online bespoke ceremony:

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