Jennifer Flint


Jennifer Flint

Do you feel a tug towards a new beginning? A longing to break free. Are you experiencing a sense that there is something you must release and let go of before you can move forward? A self-imposed limit, a story that is holding you back, or the heartache of unprocessed grief. Do you long to place a big full stop at the end of a chapter in your story, so you can turn the page and begin anew?

We all experience these turning points in our lives. We begin something new or an important relationship, project, year, or phase draws to a close. We are in a constant state of flux between endings, transitions, and new beginnings. Each threshold is an opportunity to honour what has been, and to write our future history. With intention, we can use these watershed moments to activate our potential, release stuck energy and accelerate healing through ritual and ceremony.

A ceremony is simply a rite of passage. It’s a way of making a wholehearted pledge; a commitment to our deepest selves, and also to our loved ones. Having a ceremony strengthens our resolve, deepens our bonds, and intensifies meaning. By symbolically stating our intentions and having them witnessed, ceremonies are a way to make lasting covenants with our future selves and our wildest dreams.
My name is Jennifer Flint. I am a coach, author, and leadership development professional. I have been making my own DIY rituals for years to help me through some of the most difficult times of my life, and to inspire new ways of being and relating with myself. Latterly, I began doing this for friends and took the next natural step to becoming a Heart-Led Celebrant.

I love working with clients to create bespoke ceremonies as unique as they are. I enjoy working with people who want to take the road less travelled and bring consciousness to how they live their one, wild, precious life. My purpose is to help people tell their stories, honour their journeys, and write their own endings.

If you feel the sense of an important watershed moment happening in your life, or you want to honour one that has already been, I’d love to connect and offer you a no obligation coaching call to explore your story.

I live by the sea in the North East of England and am currently writing my memoir ‘Wild Egg – Motherhood, Mystery, Midlife’.

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