Hazel Stewart


Hazel Stewart

I’m Hazel Stewart, the Celandine Celebrant at Celandine Journeys in Cumbria.

My journey to explore celebrant training began when my mother died; she bequeathed her body to the Edinburgh School of Biomedical Sciences, so we didn’t have a traditional funeral ceremony, instead, there is an annual collective memorial at Greyfriars Church for all the people of that year who have given their earthly bodies for scientific enquiry. The need for a ceremony to signify my mother’s death, to celebrate and memorialise her life,  express my love for her and my sorrow at her passing, led to creating my own farewell for her. From this came curiosity about writing and delivering ceremonies for others.

My first funeral as a qualified celebrant came from a close friend ‘s request to write and deliver the ceremony for her partner, also a much-beloved friend to me. To be honoured with such an incredible and inspirational opportunity was such a gift – my friend was with me at each word of her ceremony, and I was given enormous confidence by her partner’s unshakeable faith that I would do our dear one justice.

I have had an eclectic and varied working life, from stable girl to laboratory technician, nanny to waitress; I have held positions in sales, administration, art licensing and adult education. I have raised thousands for charity fielding a team of pre-dawn into noon charity recyclers at Glastonbury and various other challenges, including a 100km trek in the Himalayas and summiting Ben Nevis in the moonlight at the Summer Solstice.

All great preparation for the role of celebrant, with the tremendous diversity of people and situations I have been blessed with, personally and professionally.

I am a poet and writer, currently employed with the Wellbeing Service in the NHS. I have long considered writing and journalling a practice in word medicine and magic, which has enriched my life and relationships. I have lost two dear performance poetry partners, so I am now one half of f’n’f (feminists in fishnets) and one half of Live and Lippy (although, having edited my Live and Lippy partner’s last poetry collection, Definitely Getting There, and made a few film clips with her, I can deliver a Randall and Hopkirk-style version of Live and Lippy).

I follow the Mist-Filled Path which traverses the Wheel of the Year in the tradition of Celtic mysticism, connecting me to all manner of serendipities and synchronicities to infuse my ceremonies and rituals with the beauty and significance they deserve.

Celandines are the first spring flowers to appear in woodland, and as I’m a March hare, it feels enchantingly prescient that celandines signify  ‘joys to come’ in the language of flowers.

I look forward to working with you to manifest your vision for your special day.

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