A Homely Approach to Learning Celebrancy


There have been many blogs written on this website about what makes our training different to other celebrant-training companies. This post is about the physical and emotional environment in which you’ll come for your training: our home (unless, of course, you prefer to train by zoom; you’ll be in your home).


I’ve been giving a lot of thought recently to our logo, our branding, and the image I want people to associate with us and our training: that is, how do I want people to think of us? (that’s all branding is!) And so, as I deconstruct various images, colours and styles we’ve used over the years, the thing that I keep coming back to is what is at the heart of our training: care, love, nurturing and a sense of family. The Heart-led Celebrant Family. Each certified celebrant is autonomous, and they certainly don’t have to pay an annual subscription to be ‘part of the club’. There’s no elite inner circle. Once you’re a certified Heart-led Celebrant, we’re all in the same family. No secret sub groups. No additional payments. As I always say to our students, our support is for life.



So, back to the drawing board. The images which keep coming back to me are:

  • cosy hot cuppas
  • chatting on the purple sofas
  • learning in a relaxed environment
  • home-made lunches
  • walks in the sunshine
  • eating lunch in the garden
  • learning, laughing, crying
  • being authentic
  • deep connection
  • support

These are woven through our training, and even though there is a lot to learn it is done in an atmosphere of relaxation whether that’s by a crackling fire or in the summer sunshine beneath the apple trees.



One of our former students described her training as a ‘homely experience’. You know what? I am more than happy with that. Home is one of my favourite words, and I love being at home. I’ve been self employed for almost 29 years and although I work at all sorts of venues as a celebrant it is all done with the bulk of my hours worked from the comfort of home.

As celebrants, particularly as funeral celebrants, we are in people’s homes: we are in their safe spaces. So, doesn’t it make sense to do your training in such an environment? You come in as a stranger, and leave as a friend or ally.

So yes, I want people to think of what we offer as homely 😊 No slick, corporate glitz here. What you see is what you get: trainers who are authentic and have vast amounts of real-life experience. When you train with us, we not only remember who you are; we welcome you into our ‘family’ and look forward to a long relationship with you.




Celebrant Training

In the words of some of our former students:

I just wanted to thank you for sharing so much with me over the past three days.

Your cosy cottage.

Your beautiful smile.

Your amazing knowledge.

Your delicious cooking.

Your energy.

I hope I will take a little bit of Veronika magic with me wherever I go.

Rachel, Scotland


The face-to-face element was simply glorious, consisting as it did of deep, meaningful conversations about life, love and the universe.  What could be better or indeed more important?  The days spent in Cumbria were a sanctuary of spirituality and creativity; returning to the ‘real world’ felt harsh and challenging.

Catrina Young, England


What a life changing experience! My heart is absolutely full from celebrant training with Veronika and Paul Robinson. Highly recommend! It’s been so nourishing, full of smiles and so yummy!!

I can feel I’ve changed so much, and know more will change as this is just the beginning of my celebrant path.

I’m just so grateful to have had hands-on experiences from shadowing Veronika being her beautiful celebrant self at a funeral… shadowing Veronika with a funeral phone call… To shadowing a family visit for funeral arrangements.

Bex, England


The day I found Veronika Robinson, I knew I had found ‘the one’. Her ethos fits perfectly with mine. She is the most wonderful woman, as well as being a top notch celebrant and author, and a brilliant celebrant trainer.

She was also RUTHLESS in ensuring that every piece of work I produced for her, through her Heart-Led Training programme, was outstanding.

She taught me the difference between “That’s great”, and “That’s incredible”; and how to use words to create something personal and full of emotion, how to set the tone, and how to use elements within ceremonies to fix the moment in people’s minds.

Michelle Knight, England


I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you (belatedly) for your welcoming nature, delicious food and expertise in my training.

In love and light,

Sandie, England


Dear Veronika,

There are not enough words to thank you for the truly life-changing time spent with you in your lovely home in the beautiful Cumbrian countryside.  You are an inspiration, a mentor and an advocate.

You helped me to value myself and the gifts I can bring to this new chosen career.   You challenged me, but in a gentle and empathetic way that made me feel that it was going to be ok to try to get my words onto the page and then “off the page”.

By the time I started writing with you (and it was very early on the first day), I felt that no matter what the result was to be, I had a soft place to land, and that you would support my efforts, no matter what the end product.   And, as a result, I could take risks with my emotions and my words-not easy for anyone, especially an introvert like me.

I learned more about being a celebrant from you in two days than I did in the entire nine months of my previous program. I now feel that I can, with grace, humility and hard work, develop and deliver celebrations that will honour and support events in anyone’s life journey.

Thank you, thank you, Veronika for giving me the gift of “you”.  You are a true, beautiful and rare gem.  I shall never forget our time together.

Thank you.

Brenda Martin, Canada




Just wanted to thank you so much for making my celebrant course such an enjoyable one. You were very kind and welcoming and have such a relaxed but professional approach. And we had some giggles!

I was pretty nervous about coming up but I loved every minute; and if I can be half as good a celebrant as you, I will be very happy!

Lots of love,

Sophie, England


Thank you so much for the wonderful and mind-opening days I spent with you this week. I loved every minute of learning about celebrancy even though the tears it brought out may have suggested otherwise.

You obviously have a gift for listening. My mind is permanently racing so I don’t listen as well as I could, and now I’m trying to slow it all down after meeting you.

Just wanted to say a heart-felt thank you.

Amanda C. England


The most amazing experience! Veronika is welcoming, calming, thoughtful, energetic, tireless and teaches in such a way that leaves you wanting more! Her heart-led methodology aligns perfectly with what I want to deliver as a Celebrant, and I can’t leave without mentioning her cooking…WOW! Her pear crumble is to die for please adopt me!

Kathryn Britton, England



My thoughts wander to my training with Veronika and Paul and the delicious, heart-full time I spent steeping in, well… Feelings.

This training was, more than I could have imagined, a really personal journey, into the place where my heart meets the world. To be a Heart-Led Celebrant of course requires tapping into the territory of this deep well of emotion, which Veronika so skillfully walked me through. Considering so many aspects of potential clients- their stories, their emotional states, expectations to work with, I felt at moments overwhelmed, though soothed by the support of my two teachers on this journey.

There were the very useful practicalities of being a celebrant that give me confidence in being able to begin this work, AND, what was so unique about this training was the space they held for real depth, beauty, sadness, to be welcomed. In order to really, truly serve those who choose me as a celebrant, I need this ability to really Listen, and to glean what is important to my clients. To do this I need to know myself even better.

I was given the opportunity to really feel the importance of this work, the possibilities of holding space for others to truly shine, to deeply feel their own connection with life and love, with death and grieving.

The work of a celebrant is sacred, and Veronika and Paul, each in their own way, shared the skills that keep this work sacred.

I am so grateful for such a rich, alive experience of this work through my training.

Kirsten Rose, Spain



Veronika Robinson and Paul Robinson are a husband and wife team whose boutique celebrant training Heart-led Celebrants attracts people from around the world. Heart-led Celebrants has earned a reputation for excellence in celebrant training, and those who are certified exemplify the highest standards in the industry.

 Veronika is the author of many books including the popular Celebrant Collection: Write That Eulogy; The Successful Celebrant; Funeral Celebrant Ceremony Planner; Wedding Celebrant Ceremony Planner; The Blessingway; The Gentle Celebrant’s Guide: Funerals For Children; The Discrimination-free Celebrant; The Celebrant’s Guide to the Five Elements.


Award-winning voice artist, Paul Robinson, has had a whole career centred around his voice and other people’s. He’s highly experienced as a celebrant, trained actor, drama coach, voice-over artist, singer, broadcaster, compère, and ventriloquist. Paul is an excellent communicator and teacher, and has a sixth sense about how to relate to individuals, groups and audiences.