Infant Loss Ceremonies

Glynis Haveron

Glynis Haveron is a Heart-led Celebrant available for coaching celebrants in creating, writing and officiating Infant Loss Ceremonies.

Everyone knows that stillbirth and miscarriage are traumatic, painful events, but most people don’t understand the relationship that parents have with those babies. Their sorrow is as real and valid as the grief we experience with any death. Having suffered both stillbirth and miscarriage myself, and with experience of officiating at many funerals for babies who didn’t have a chance to live out their time on Earth, I am passionate about helping other celebrants to understand how complex it is to craft a fitting farewell to these babies. I am also a qualified and experienced coach and mentor.

My fee is £25 per hour.

Glynis Haveron
Tel: 0789 979 3625