Lesley Wyatt



Hello, my name is Lesley. I am an Independent Heart-led Celebrant living in the beautiful county of Cornwall.

It is my privilege to craft ceremonies in words and custom which capture the unique stories and genuine sentiments of Love, Life or Loss.

My role is to create a meaningful space, respecting the true intention of each ceremony.

For my clients, I wish a ceremony that is matchless in its sincerity and beautiful in its atmosphere.

I have a great respect for nature and appreciate the part she plays from our entering this world to departing it, and all amazing life in between. I acknowledge this in the ceremonies I craft. It can be as simple as bringing a sprig of fresh flowers to a space or as sublime as conducting a ceremony under a boundless sky.

Your ceremony will be lead from the heart, both yours and mine.


Phone: 07798 694566

Email: lesley_wyatt@hotmail.co.uk

Website: www.lesleymariawyatt.co.uk