Jackie Jones


Jackie Jones

Hello, As a Celebrant, I compose stories, and poems.
To get a sense of who I am and how I scribe, here is a portion of my story.

Raised on a farm; I have an innate connection with Mother Earth. I learned about the Cycles of Life and Rites of Passage. It wasn’t easy. My foundation stones were insecure.

In an isolated location, the animals became my family, my teachers and my guides. Devastated by the denial of my dream to run the farm, I have found other riches in life because of it. A B.Sc. from Oxford Brookes extended my knowledge in Geography and Geology. With further study I gained a PGCE from Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford.

There have also been extensive explorations of America, Africa, Iceland and Europe. I discovered my life partner living next door!

My Script and Service is Sacred, Spiritual and Symbolic
Heart-Led Celebrant Veronika Robinson showed me how to craft and create ceremonial scripts. I catch moments to capture magical memories. I use words which flow from my heart to become softened with age and time, mellowed with maturity and mood when shared with the universe.

As a Psychopomp and Doula, I have been midwife to many. I help spirits pass. I’m a heart doctor, Hedge-witch and inspirational teacher. I give life lessons. I am told I am wise.

I’ve learned that to be human is to experience suffering.
Part of the suffering is to find the joy and happiness which stems from love.

I know this now.

I have a Lantern Called Hope.
I follow the light she brings.
So that I may bring love, and light, into your life, also.